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Peter: So far the best price I found on new indicators is at Fastlane, but I haven't tried Caliber yet. I have seen a few used ones, but the orange part of the reflector was faded out.

Bobbyv: I have only had the car out at night twice where I could use the driving lamps, and I am still tuning in the beam allignment. My impression is that the driving lamp just about doubled the light in the center of the normal high beam, and added a further path of light beyond the Highs, by at least 50%. Also, I am thinking about a PIAA H3 bulb pair to further increase usable light.

The Piaa's have a reputation of not really producing more light, but instead focus the available light to the center of the beam. While this may not be desirable for a low or high beam headlight (and in fact PIAAs don't fare very well in HEADLIGHT beam tests), a center focused bulb may be an advantage in a pencil beam driving light, which is designed to center focus the beam.

Any 500E drivers have H3 bulb ideas? Phillips doesn't seem to make a Vision Plus 50 bulb in H3.

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