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Thanks Larry,
My Tech found a used vacum pump for me..Replaced the guts with a kit ,,, Works fine..cost $ 180.00 .A/C is another story,, replaced compressor, dryer, fan, exp. valve..
Total $ 800.00 not bad....
It was 88*F today in Houston, Texas, A/C Temp. was steady at 41*F to 46*F
I am pleased...A question, before my A/C was repaired the normal operating Temp was 176*F
now with the A/C running the Temp.hoovers
between 178*F and 200*F.. Should I be concerned???? The is working...
also, my 78 300 SD W116 had front end work done in the past... I noticed the aux. fan does not fit flush against the this a problem ????

Thanks Larry and Thanks group.....


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