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Please help!

I just came home from the worst drive of my life. My transmission failed

My car has 4 speed manual transmission. I was accelerating (gently) and changed from 3rd to 4th gear when suddenly the power vanished (It went for a while on the 4th gear before this happened). First I thought that I had accidently touched the clutch. But it wasn´t that. Now I cannot find any gear at all, not even the reverse.

The cardan (or what do you call it) doesn´t move at all when gear should be on. Also the sound doesn´t change when putting the gear on and releasing the clutch. Only when on reverse and giving more rpm it starts to rattle, but the cardan stays still. The gear stick seems to work properly (I can find all gears) but it just doesn´t get the gear on.

What could this be? Shouldn´t it make a terrible noise if the problem were on the tranny bearings or if the cardan were broke. Could it be the clutch?? The pedal feels normal...

MB 250 C (2.8) ´69
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