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Online source for rear-view mirror - 126

Hi all
I'm at least an hour from any MB store, plus, by the time I'd get there, they'd be closed. Is there any online source for a black rear-view mirror for an 82 300SD 126? I want to get a new one. The reflective stuff is shot on mine. Also, looks like it simply pops off the ball to change it, correct?

BTW - had that elctrical problem where just about everything stopped working, all at once. Seemed odd that many differently fused items would go out all at once. So, I took the advice, discarded all the fuses, cleaned up all the contact points, and installed all new fuses. Everything works again! What's the chances of many fuses loosing contact all at once? Anyway, test driving the car, i drove over to the gas station and bought ten bucks of powerball. Maybe I'll get lucky twice in one day!

1997 C280 Sport
1982 300 SD
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