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Question Intermittent Engine Tapping


Lately, my 1990 300E has been making what sounds like a taping noise from the middle of the valve cover. I suspect itís a bad lifter.

Iíve searched the archives, but I did not find any threads that address this one.

This started as a tapping noise when starting the engine cold. Two or three seconds and it was gone. Sometimes it will not do it at all.

Now, it comes and goes even when warm. Runs strong but at idle it starts to tap. Once under way, the tone changes and speeds up with engine revs. Sometimes, it disappears when oil pressure rises. Other times, it continues.

Background: Oil level doesnít seem to make a difference. Changed plugs last weekend and they looked fine. Nice tan color and they were very easy to replace. There is no oil in the coolant, nor is there a milky color to the oil. Running 10W40 Dino Oil. Replacing with Castrol 10W40.

That said, if the oil change I am doing this morning does not help, how difficult is it to replace the lifter? A DIY job for a fairly good parts changer? Any special tools other than a torque wrench?

I like a challenge but not at the expense of the motor.


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