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These are the times that test your commitments ... and especially to your car.

Having been there, done that ... this is what I did:

Become student of the subject. Use this forum and any other resource to answer all of your questions about this trans problem so you can quickly, cost effectively and in a satisfying way, fix your car.

It very well may be it is something that won't take a MAJOR frickin trans overhaul, maybe not. Be a clever man. Figure it out. You will be glad you did!

Forgive my further life lesson discourse, but I have found doing the above not only makes my MBZs run better, but my life seems to come back to normal as well during trying times.

My 2 cents

'03 E320 Wagon-Sold
'95 E320 Wagon-Went to Ex
'93 190E 2.6-Wrecked
'91 300E-Went to Ex
'65 911 Coupe (#302580)
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