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In answer to a post some months back you mentioned that the R134 would dry out the oil. You also mentioned purging the system every two years to prevent problems.

I converted my 240D two years ago and it's about time to recharge anyway. Do you suggest removing the compressor, draining the oil and refilling? The car is Euro and has an aftermarket air conditioner, I believe the compressor is a Sanyo.

I am afraid to just pump down the system and use an oil charge when recharging because I don't know how much oil would be left in the compressor.

As I recall, when I changed it, I removed the compressor and poured out as much oil as I could and put in 6.5 oz. of Ester. I had a slow leak, put in some leak detector dye/conditioner, and I think it may have softened a seal somewhere. Now, it doesn't leak any that I can tell.

Would pumping it down and then giving it a 2 oz. oil charge work. What do you suggest.

Thanks a bunch for your ideas,

Larry Bible
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