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Unhappy W123 230E "Nearly stranded this morning"?!

Hi all - after a year of trouble-free motoring, and changing my tires for wider 205 types (which are great compared to the stock size).. I encountered my first real problem this morning on the drive to work...

Upon turning the key, she took a few goes to fire, and then especially early on during the journey, started to cut out and cough & splutter - almost as if the fuel was not reaching the engine. This was pronounced early on, and on inclines. I had to stop the car, as it cut out, and crank the engine for a minute before it would fire again, even then it would *just* catch. Of course, depressing the gas pedal during the crank did *not* help, and would only *just* catch if I kept my feet off all the pedals.

A few times during this attempt to re-start, after it caught, engaging "D" would make the car stall as it didn't "have enough" to keep it from doing so.

Later on in the journey, she would cough whilst rounding bends or sometimes going up a shallow incline.

Thas has not happened before. The car had not been used for only 36 hours, although the weather has been wet, damp and cold during this time.

Apart from fuel pump, could this be an ignition thing? I do know that ignition leads were changed about 3 years ago on the car..

I have a 1983 UK 230E, auto 4 speed, petrol.

What would the order of investigation be? Thanks for your comments in advance!

"Nearly stranded this morning"
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