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There was some helpful information on the Thanks.

My only worry is pulling down the kick panel. The 123 panels come off in no time. This one seems like a pain. I have never had to remove it. There's a first time for everything.

For 99% of folks the adjuster is unnecessary unless you have varying loads in the trunk. I have Euro lights on my Euro 240D and the adjuster is REALLY helpful for my particular needs. I drive 20 miles to the highway in the morning before sunlight. Then most of the year I drive the 20 miles from the highway after dark in the evening. This 20 miles is narrow, winding, hilly farm road with lots of deer and escaped livestock to dodge. The adjusters on my 123 allowed me to raise the headlights when on the farm road for dodging animals. Then when on the highway, put them back to normal height.

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