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92 e400 head and tail lights not working

Ive been slowly putting this car back together after a front end collision. After a new harness , fuel pumps, rad and gas tank I'm readdy o tackle the lights.

The tails never worked but the left headlight did, the secondary lamp. No biggie, I got new bulbs and a new right headlight from yard. The new right headlight worked great but the left did not with the new bulb. I took a chance and spliced in a differrnt connector that plugs into the lightbulb on the left headlight and that did the trick but the bulb would light up very dim.

I plugged the right headlight onto the left headlight plug and it lit up dimly as well. I thought I was making progress here, but then something happened that the lights don't turn on at all now.

Also, the right headlight plug has four metal pieces on the female end and the left only three. Is this correct or did I rip out one of the pins when I unplugged the original headlight?

I got a new fuse for the headlights too. What do you guys think?
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