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85 500 SEL greymkt Tune Up / stalling / no heat

My parents own an '85 500SEL grey market (not a standard US model). The engine idles poorly, stalls frequently, and recently heater has stopped delivering heat shortly after engine reaches operating temperature. After reading other posts, I'm suspecting a vacuum leak may be at the root of all/some of these problems. Service records from previous owner indicate that stalling/rough idle was a problem for them as well.

I'm a diesel fanatic ('66 200d, '79 300d)-- I hate all the electronic stuff on this car, but would like to do what I can to improve this car with the basic equipment I have: my brain, common sense, Fluke digital multimeter, timing light, (no vacuum equipment).

I'll start with new spark plugs and wires--what parts are recommended? Don't want to buy MB dealer parts unless absolutely necessary.

What do I check after replacing plugs and wires?

I'm trying to keep parts cash outlay for this project to $100.00 or less. (diesel tightwad)

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