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Originally posted by sunil190e-1.8
replacing the dome light is easy
there are in fact 2 bulbs-one specifically for reading and another for lighting up the interior of the car.

if i remember correcty,you have to remove the plastic assembly that holds the bulbs within. once the assembly is out,it is just a question of replacing the faulty bulbs-get the correct ones though.
I just had mine out...there are 2 tabes on the right side near each corner, you can pull down on that side to get a gap then use a thin flat item to depress the tabs or...when I 1st removed the unit, I pulled on the right side and the tabs popped off. I could then reinstall them and it popped back in mentioned, there are 2 bubls in the unit. Should be obvious how to change them once the unit is removed.....hope that helps
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