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Wow, Thanks for your honesty!

Whew, your diesel experience sounds like it was a headache. I appreciate your candor and will certainly factor in your experience in making my final decision. The last thing I need now is a garage queen. Its funny, why cant benz make a final drive that doesnt leak? Porsche/Audi/VW use similar seals with the same drippy results.

Thanks for some actual numbers. They are larger than I thought. Its also reassuring that the 601 powerpalnt is used in other benz products like the g wagen. How about the Unimog? (I had a matchbox miniature of the unimog as a kid, and I stuill dig it!)

It good to know there are some good experiences out there with the E300TD. My 190e couldnt pull itself out of its own way either, but I really liked the car overall. I could have used the 2.6 or the 16 valve!
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