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How to tell if a '90 300E 2.6 is a 4-MATIC?

Couldn't find this exact question in the archives. I'm considering the purchase of a 1990 300E 2.6 from a local independent used car dealer who only deals with MBZ, BMW, and Porsche. He says all of his cars pass a 115 point inspection test and he only sells "good" cars. Be that as it may, and I am forewarned (about used car dealers) . . .

When I go later today or tomorrow to look at the car, how do I tell, by visual inspection, if it has a 4-matic system?

As a side question . . . knowing that the term is a relative one, is the 2.6 engine as good as the 3.0 engine in this model? Other that a little power, what do you give up with the smaller size?

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