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Cap'n, Thanks so much for reminding us about the need to use nitrogen enriched air in the spare tire to prevent dryrot, but you forgot to mention the benefits of nitrogen enriched air in the tires on the ground. Since the atomic weight of nitrogen (which has 8 letters, and, being divisible by 2, makes for a denser atomic structure) as opposed to oxygen (which has only 6 letters, and is divisible by BOTH 2 and 3, meaning it is flammable) gives the cooling ratio benefit to nitrogen, obviously, nitrogen enriched air is better, resulting in longer wear!

I could discuss the electron differences, but that would take up too much space.

p.s. of course the ultimate upgrade would be Helium filled tires, due to reducing unsprung weight, but this must always be accompanied by aerodynamic modifications to increase downforce. It is a little known fact that Hitler's Blitzkrieg forces used Hydrogen filled tires, which made them incredibly fast, but made for some horrific, fiery crashes.

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