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Question 420SEL Heater vent/center console issue

1986 420SEL w/104K on the Odo.

Got both engine and chassis service manuals...can't find any info on the AC/Heater flow paths.

Problem: The vent on the rear of the center console is stuck in the middle of the open/close position. Heater is on, cold air (outside air?) blows through the heat? Took a bore light and looked insided the vent assembly, can't really see any place in which to access the vent order that I might be able to spray some "liquid wrench"...possibly free it up?

I found, in the service manual, where and how to remove the center console....what a pain in the ass!

1st Question: How do I fix the vent (open/close) without having to remove the entire center console?

2nd Question: Is this ventway strictly for outside air only or is it (should it be) the heat vent for the rear seat area?

TIA for any and all help!

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