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I have a minute or 2 to upload a few more to entertain you !

Low mileage R107....

My bud Tanner crashed the party in his Rs6...

Nice E420...

There were 2 many cars to get a good group shot. I think Craig at ENI got on the roof and took shots of the GTG. Other cars included a CL55, SL55, W211 sedans, C36 in a W124 wagon, 67' Cab (not sure what model) , several 107s, a 1982 manual W123 TD wagon with a ton of miles, a few W123 sedans from several years, a couple of stock W124 wagons, a couple of W124 sedans and coupes and a few W124 Cabs, a few new MB cars (yawn, LOL) and a low mile Maserati too from the W124 E500 guy who didn't take his car out of storage yet.

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