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Problems with oil in coolant?

I just checked and I'm pretty sure my '92 300TE 4Matic wagon, (131,000 miles) has blown another head gasket. The first one was replaced before I bought the car at approximately 90K miles. I think the gasket has blown again because there is oil in the coolant resevoir.
This condition was suspected last summer by my mechanic, so he did a complete flush of the system. It was clear afterwards, but now, about 2,000+ miles later, the oil is back.
My question, which was not answered when I did a search here, is what damage/danger is there in continuing to drive the car in a combo of short city trips and/or 2-3 hour long highway drives? Am I running the risk of ruining the engine, or will it just cost me some new radiator hoses and a few extra quarts of oil by next summer? Is there a breakdown possibility? The engine is not running hot, there is no white smoke out of the tailpipe, nor is it burning an excessive amount of oil. There are no visible leaks on my garage floor in the morning, nor is the engine valve cover particluarly oily, (though I haven't inspected it closely).
The reason I want to wait until next summer before reparing it if possible, is that I need the car this time of year, (4Matic for the snow), and my "Fintail" is in winter storage so I don't have a spare car. Plus, I'm planning on replacing the leaking 4Matic transfer case next summer so I'd rather just wait, (tranfer case is on back-order), and have it done all at the same time. But, if it must be repaired now, I'll bite the bullet and rent a car rather than hurt my beloved 124. Thanks for any advice. - Bob

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