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Originally Posted by Zacharias View Post
Yeah anyone who looks for a pre-w124 Mercedes is pretty much like that around here.

When I got my 300d, a couple of years ago, it had only 88k on it. I left it parked at my buddy's shop for a few days and he had three guys come in off the street, panting over it.

I told him to tell them all $6k. If they made more noise, raise it to $6,600. (He actually did that with one.)

Now let's be clear, you can't get much worthwhile in any used car for less than $3,500 around here, more like $5k is entry level for a decent, reliable ride.

Telling me that a nice example of what is generally thought to be the most durable sedan ever built, possibly the best all around honest car ever built (period), is only worth a grand is downright insulting.

Or, as the 1990s Volvo ad said: "Some people know the price of everything, but the value of nothing."

I have an Air Force cube van with a HMMWV engine in it. The Arabs ask me all the time where they can get a van like that, I tell them nowhere, I made the body myself.

Then I tell them I'll make them one for 50K. They go.
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