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Originally Posted by whunter View Post
In each case:
Their concept of negotiating was to DEMAND that I accept less than 1/3 of asking price, while becoming verbally abusive toward me.

Perhaps I am too sensitive, but the key points (for me) are:

#1. This car is my daily driver (near perfect) = not interested in selling below my asking price.

#2. Cursing/abusive language causes me to walk away.

If a buyer started cursing at me, they would be walking away. I don't put up with that. You don't come to me and disrespect me because you want to walk away with something for nothing. All that is scare tactics. They think they can intimidate you and force you into a deal by trying to be dominant.

On the flip-side, there are sellers out there trying to monopolize on an unsuspecting buyer. I have seen many cases where the seller is asking a ridiculous price for an unmaintained vehicle and will be confrontational when the seller states obvious problems that take away from the value of the car. I'm sure that is not the case here, but for the sake of devil's advocate.
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