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Originally Posted by 97 SL320 View Post
On the subject of my prior posts, if I made some assumptions I could have followed whunters train of thought but his posts were sort of run together. This mixed people wanting to buy a car that didn't have a sign on it then him giving them a 3X price seemingly just to toy with them and cars that had a for sale sign on them and raising the price. I just got the impression he would put for sale signs on cars he wasn't really interested in selling in hopes that a random person would , in his own words pay 3X replacement cost.

In any event I'm done with that part.

On to another part, the trailer. I have that actual winch on my homemade tow truck ( 74 International Scout ) It was made by Bebbe or something like that ( look on the large gear ) . It is a 2 speed unit, the driver would be removed from it's current location and moved to the front so it would engage the large gear. The lever is for a drum brake used to hold the drum so the ratchet latch could be released.

The trailer looks home made and on the ragged side, no rear brakes isn't legal in many states ( I'm guessing mobile home axles and tongue, maybe part of the frame ) If it has mobile home tires it isn't legal in many states. As for weight, 1480 LB is too light for something that is supposed to carry 10,000 Lb so I would not call it an equipment trailer.

What is it worth? Good car trailers hold value pretty well, I'd call this one a " haul my stock car to the local track" / scrap yard runner. $ 1,500 to someone that knows nothing about trailers , $ 1,000 to someone that needs a lower cost trailer _now_, $ 750 to the general market, $ 500 if none of the above show up. Some of the low offers you got might have been from someone with a stolen trailer that was looking for a title.

In the end, an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it ( and how long a seller is willing to wait for that high offer that may or may not come).
I will take it to the scale ASAP, very possible that is the wrong weight.
It takes two men to move it on level ground with a tongue dolly.

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