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You need not loosen the alternator, it can stay in place undisturbed. Remove the shroud, lay it back over the fan and remove the fan. It is not too much trouble to remove the radiator, but I say that and mine is a manual transmission, so I don't need to mess with the a/t cooling lines.

Anyway with the radiator out of the way, loosen the big bolt through the middle of the tensioner, then loosen the tensioner with the near vertical bolt near the p/s pump. Back it out enough so you can get the belt off.

Remove the shock bolts on each end and get it out of the way. Carefully remove the crank position sensor to ensure that you don't damage it. It is removed by pulling off the 8mm nut. Loosen the bolt at the engine end of the bracket, you don't need to back it out much.

Remove the big bolt through the middle of the tensioner and the two other bracket bolts. The top bracket bolt has no nut, the bottom, hard to get to one does. To get to the nut for the bottom bolt, remove the air cleaner and you will see a path to that nut. Put a long box end wrench on the nut and hold it while you remove the bolt, then carefully pull the wrench up with the nut in the box end of the wrench.

Swing the front bracket forward and you now will be able to remove the tensioner.

Reverse everything for replacement and if you don't have a belt routing diagram, someone here can probably get one to you. I won't be back in the office 'til Jan. 6, so if you don't have the diagram by then I can fax it to you then.

It's a reasonably good size job, but I'm sure you can do it if you try.

Good luck,
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