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Newbie gives frst impression....

I have been cruising this site for a while and as a member of the quattro list I must say that this forum is very impressive and very well run. Very high caliber of people and information here. I am in the process of doing research on the next vehicle purchase, narrowing it down to a 300te, 400e, or if possible a 500e. The 400e looks to be a serious bang for the buck car as far as Mercedes cars go, and I hate that we in America don't get any cool "uber wagons" here other than the Audi stuff, which is pretty darn cool in it's own right (just wished they'd let us get ahold of the RS4's man!!) But I shudder the thought of owning a SUV so the wagon might be feasible for hauling the drums around.
From what I hear, the 400e's have a pretty stellar reliability record other than the classic German A/C stuff, the timing chain thing, and the wiring harness issue. Anyone out there have anything to add to this list of what to look out for that haven't been covered already? I'll go ahead and close for now, but just wanted to let everyone know that I'm really impressed with your forum- keep it up, folks!!
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