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Question 202 repeating "sound" from trunk area? sounds elect

new to me 202 started today making a repeating "sound" from the trunk (right side) area.

this sound repeats approx every minute or two, as "sounds" like an electrical circuit trying to "fire" some system.

it is a soft "buzz" of about 2 seconds duration. it is best heard from the right side in the trunk, not from outside or underneath the car. it also is fairly aubible from the drivers seat.

i thought at first it was possibly the locking mechanism for the fuel door, or possibly the power antenea which was just replaced.
but my limited inspection did not seem to point to those items.

the car ran fine while this malady continued, so i do not have a clue. i thought possibly about fuel pump, but the car seems to run fine. it got dark before i could investigate further.

any info or insights would be GREATLY appreciated.

otherwise, i can only hope MB-Doc is open on Monday!

thanks, - benton in atlanata.
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