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2.6 Engine Specs Needed

Hello, I've been searching for some info on the 2.6 litre engine in the 190. I am searching for an excuse to put another project in my barn and I think I need a relationship with a MBZ. Gone are the VW's, Audis, etc, moved on to Volvo, Jag, and BMW (wifes).
Here is what I am thinking, and all opinions are welcome, a stroked 2.6 190 with about a half bar of pressure from a Paxton.
How strong is the stock bottom end? How about comp ratio? Just thoughts now, but it's a tweaked 190 or that 560 sec up the road that I've drooled over for about ten years. The original owner, 45K, and not even close to parting with it. Thanks in advance for any direction. ___CJ___
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