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210 Glow Plug Removal Tips/Help...

Howdy All - I'm attempting to change out the glow plugs in my '98 E300 turbodiesel. Am running into some problems. No difficulty removing the manifold to access the plugs. Problems in actually removing the plugs. Three came out - one easy, two hard. Three won't come out. When I turn the socket on any of these - it takes a lot of force - they make a nasty, high pitched squeek, and they seem to be turning. But despite much work, sweat, and cussing, they haven't budged a bit. I can see on the removed plugs that the body is a single casting, including the hex head, threads, etc. So the plugs must not be turning, because they aren't backing out, but they sure feel like they're turning.

Any suggestions, help, or encouragement out there? I'm at a loss as to how I should proceed.

- Jim
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