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Time for a car

ok. so my family needs a new car. immediately i tell my dad i want to get a 1999 or 2000 c230K Sport with Two-Tone interior. thats been what ive wanted. now, i can find that car for around or less than $15,000. But my dad is persistant on spending alot less (around 8-12k) on an early 90's car. His mentality of having a car is one of "lets fix something that is broken on the car if it hinders its safety or if it hinders the cars ability to run". He wont go the extra step of preventing something that might break. ie.... regular maintnance. For example, if the wood interior is cracked to hell, he wont replace it. Given that, heres the debate between us.....

I argue that i want a newer car (post 98) which will be in better condition and possibly come with a warranty still. He will take better care of a newer looking car than an older car that might already be in a 'not perfect' condition. Yes, we might spend more money initially, but the probability of being hit with major repairs wont be as high in the long run. So lets say we spend $14K on the car and for the next 7 years, we spend 3K on repairs (very lenient). That totals $17K to own a newer model car for 7 years.

He argues that we should spend less money on a reliable early 90's car (560SEL, E320, Euro 500SEL, or early model s500) and fix the major things that need repair. Lets say we spend $10K on an older car and end up spending around $5-7K for repair...again very lenient.

Can anyone provide me with some insight on what car we should get?....preferably arguement on why we should buy a newer car instead of an older car
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