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You can without too much trouble use relays and heavy wire to handle the extra current.

The real problem will be the damage to your headlights over time due to the additional heat. I got a set of Euros on a parts car. When I took them apart to check them out there was a terrible burned electrical smell. Also the extra heat had corroded the adjustment bolts that are plain steel with no corrosion coating. I discovered a set of 100 Watt bulbs in the glove compoartment. I'm sure that they had been in there and caused these problems.

If you have Euros I recommend NOT using high power bulbs, the damage is not worth it.

Additionally, the most important part of your headlight effectiveness is the reflector shape. The Euros reflect the light where it's needed, so you don't need extra lamp power.

I believe that if you go to 100 watt bulbs, you will eventually regret it. See that you have good standard wattage bulbs that are not old. They do lose a little brightness with age.

Good luck,
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