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I did a quick search for "aspirator" and found a bunch of responses. I usually struggle with the search function, but this time it worked for me. It seems everything is buried in the archives somewhere.

Mike Tangas posted this for W126's:

"Open and empty glove box. Remove the centers from the seven "plugs", then pull the plugs. Disconnect the glove box light and remove the glove box liner (it will take a bit of tugging - tight fit). Once the liner is out, you'll see the sampler blower just behind the vent. One hose and one two pin connector. The blower just snaps into a mount.

Word of caution, it is easy access but a tight fit depending on hand size. I had to use two hands to reconnect the hose and found I drew a little blood on the back of my hand, where it rubbed against the sharp edge of the glove box opening."
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