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Originally Posted by Secondaries View Post
Ive now tried small nails, fat paperclips, safety pins with nice points. They all engage the tang but, pin or Jo pin inserted, the collar feels the same; some slack but still locked in. Am I stuck grinding?
Sounds like that is the only choice left if by grinding you mean grind off the Pin that hold the Steering Colum Lock to the Steering Colum.

There could be another problem. On mine the original Ignition Switch as a Plastic T shaped projection that goes into the Electrical Connector on the end of the Steering Colum Lock/Ignition Switch.

If the innards of the Steering Colum Lock or the part that rotates the Ignition Switch are broke the Ignition Switch T piece will not Rotate and the Electrical Connector is not going to come out easily as the T Piece locks them together.

The New Steering Colum Lock I got came completely assembled ($144 free shipping) with the Ignition Switch. The Ne Switch does not have that T Piece. So the Electrical connector can be Pulled any time.

Yellow Circle shows T piece in the Pic.
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