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Originally Posted by Zulfiqar View Post
thats what I put in my car too. they are a bit firm on low speed but absolutely fantastic at above 50 mph, my car would literally feel like it engaged the road as if they were rails on it. The faster I accelerated the nicer the grip. General 195/65-15 tires on original ronal rims.

Make sure you replace the ball joints too (they are shot if they are old) search my threads and make your own press - makes it a walk in the park. Reason to say is that when you are replacing the struts it only takes a few minutes more to do the ball joints and also wheel bearings if you remove the hub.
Oh I'd love to do a complete suspension overhaul on this car. But right now finances are a bit tight, so it will be awhile.

The driver's rear shock mount (on the shock itself) broke and the shock was just poking out into the trunk area. The only reason I noticed was because it would rattle in the hole and I could tell it wasn't quite damping like it should in that corner.
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