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Originally Posted by MrOwl42 View Post
I need new tires, there are multiple rust holes that will need to be dealt with...
No. It is not worth fixing. This is going to be harsh, but without dumping a ton of money into it it will never be nice. It is not worth fixing a rusty W123 MB. There are still nice, not rusty ones available. Remember that for the rust you can see, there is probably double that amount of hidden rust.

The low miles is a nice feature (assuming the odometer works). You might do well to sell the engine and transmission, and use those funds + some other savings to get a nice car.

If this is a "fun to fiddle" project, set a $$ cap. If you get tires and brakes, those could be moved over to another W123 after you send this one on to a flatter place. Since it's been sitting you'll probably find that ever rubber component (engine mounts, brake flex lines, hoses) is degraded or broken. This model also has the failure prone Chrysler automatic climate control system, and replacement parts for that will exceeded the value of the car.

Sorry for the doom and gloom. I just don't want to see others repeat the mistakes I made

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