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Originally Posted by AwfulMechanic View Post
I need advice on storing a vehicle for long periods of time. Heres the car. 1984 300D - Imgur

I'll be leaving for active duty USAF in a few months and refuse to sell my TD Benz. The 78 Non Turbo and the Civic I'll be more than likely selling.

We have a two-bay garage and my neighbors have a barn, both of which are visible in the photos. I doubt my dad is going to give up a bay for a car he doesn't have any interest in and the old barn isn't really ideal because of mice, lack of good weather and temperature protection.

The basics of storing a car I've got down
  • Clean it, Wax it, Cover it
  • Fresh fluids, oil, washer, brakes
  • Top off the diesel tank
  • Parking brake off
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • I won't raise it off the tires, my dad agreed to drive it for an hour or so by-weekly
Have any advice? I'd totally be willing to spend $1600-2000 into the investment of building car size shed myself. Having my own workspace would actually be great, I'm 23 and my dad hates when I change my own oil, he about lost it when I changed a cylinder head... lol sigh. I keep a clean workspace, he just doesn't understand cars. Anyway, If the barn shows itself to be a good option, is there a way to isolate it from the rodents/moisture?
Originally Posted by AwfulMechanic View Post
Agreed the barn is a bad idea. I was thinking of building an attached style carport onto the side of the garage,, but really that's not any better than the barn as far as protection haha.

I'll be at NAS Pensacola for a few years in training, I'm not sure what my lifestyle will be like yet, so its hard to tell if I'll want the car with me there.
Addition of Power Service additive to the fuel fill. I would probably opt to place the car on jackstands. You may or may not want to remove the wheels from it at that time and store/seal them separately.

One economical way to seal the car would be to shrink-wrap it, so it is sealed from insect and rodent intrusion. Wouldn't be all that hard to do.

Why wouldn't you want the car with you in Pensacola?

Depending on the condition/miles on the car, you might want to cash-in the money now, since you won't be using it for several years as you stated. Then buy another car when you return.
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