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Originally Posted by Dan Stokes View Post
I never buy hoses at a dealer - they get 7 prices for them. Find your local industrial hose shop (every town of any size has at least one) and take the bad hose in to them. These are the folks who make up lines and hoses for bull dozers and the like and many of these are Metric. Be sure to tell them that it's for use with engine oil and at 45 PSI or so. They'll make you up a new one, usually while you wait. The price depends on the price of the fittings - some are pretty cheap and some are big bucks.

I am not sure on the OPs Engine but on My Turbo Diesel when I installed a test Gauge I got a Max Oil Pressure of 97 psi. And, the Manual has that it can be as high as 110 psi.
The Oil Pressure Gauge in the Car only goes up to 3 bar about 43.5 psi but the real Oil pressure is higher if your system is working right.

But, it may not matter as Low Pressure Hydraulic Line has a working pressure of at least 300 psi.
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