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Idler arm

The purported test for a bad idler arm, aside from the sound you're hearing is to get the front wheels off the ground, grab the passenger tire at 9 & 3 O'clock positions and shake it like hell.

If you feel movement or "give", it could be due to a worn idler bushing.

I replaced mine at I'm guessing 250,000 mi. (broken odo) and it didn't fix anything, however I was having shakes at high speed, not noise from that area. My shakes turned out to be worn tires because of worn LCA bushings which also cause noise (when turning left or right) by pulling and pushing excessivley on the guide rod mounts.

If your steering is loose, its probably from worn tie rod ends, worn drag link ends and a tired stabilizer.

If you're adjusting the nut on the steering box, that should only be a TEMPORARY solution for excessive play. If you don't address the rubber pieces and rod ends, you will be spending alot more on tires than you ever wanted to.

85 300CD
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