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AHA,,, resin glazing on the pad surface. You can fool around with this forever. Possible workarounds. Get them hot at the beginning of the day. Something just short of a panic stop. This will burn off the glaze and for the most part, they'll be quiet until a new layer of glaze builds up. Also, this tends to increase wear and tear on the pads and rotors. There is a spray out there that you can spray on the the pad surfaces to quiet them down. Probably doesn't last too long. You can sand them with the same short term result. Best bet!!! Buy a new set. Factory OEM are semi metallic (I believe). On the down side, these little squeaks sometimes never seem to go away. BTW the little steel plate that they put in has a rubberized backing on it designed to keep the pads from shifting around. Will get rid of clicking and snapping noises, but will not do diddily for squeaking pad material. On the wrong side of the pad.

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