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aux plastic fuel tank installation

so currently I have a thread in the sale section where im trying to unload an overstock supply of fuel tanks ive been storing for an alt fuel company. I have about 30 of the things I need to sell to make room for a mezzanine and staircase, and im selling them without all the bits that make a alt fuel system, so this thread is basically a how to on using these plastic tanks as just a big 18gal extra fuel tank for anyone who has purchased one of them off me.

Im selling them without mounting hardware, fuel pickup ect, so im hoping anyone who has bought one will chime in with their solutions and ideas on installation.

so here is the item-

underneath there is a pretty decent fuel sump-

the features are pretty nice, the ones I have are unfinished tanks, so there is a big bolt pattern that hasn't been cut out

this pic shows the top features-

Its got fill spouts on either side, and the boss at the lower left of the pic above is for the rollover vent.

Biggest issues with using this tank are going to be figuring out mounting I think. I will be installing one in my 83 240 and documenting what I need to do to plumb and bolt the thing in.
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