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so I had purchased one of these things a while ago with all the parts, so ive got some stuff to reverse engineer against for those of you who have one.

This is approximately where it would sit in the trunk of a 123, and where I will mount this one below-

Here is the same tank mounted in my old car when I had bought the whole shebang a while back and fully installed it. basically this thread is going to be about reverse engineering a lot of the bits that come on this tank that i dont have. Most of the accessories on here we have to come up with-

This is the mounting hardware that would come with a full $700 dollar alt fuel product. Its pretty clever the way they have it set up, they are using several sections of C-channel steel for the tank to sit on, and steel straps that go over the ends

The lowest point of the fuel tank is actually this sump, so it has to sit up on something on the ends, it won't sit flat. its 1/2 inch lower than the rest-

the strap channels are 1.5 inches wide-

Here is some C-channel steel I have laying around that I bought at fastenall. This works perfectly as a pair of rails for the tank to sit on. When I first bought the above tank for my old brown 240, I used two pieces of this C-channel to mount it instead of the weldable pieces they sent me. The usual purpose for this stuff is hanging lighting and drop ceilings and whatnot. Fastenal carries an incredible selection of hardware that can fit in this style C channel. I believe this is the type of hardware the manufacturer is using also

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