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Thank you, thank you...

Originally Posted by sixto View Post
The upper chain guide should be removed now that you've removed the pins.

Remove the chain tensioner by turning the widest wrench flats; the ones against the head. You'll need a new crush washer. IIRC the FSM has a priming process before reinstalling the tensioner.

As NJ300sdl said, there are two bolts that take a 5- or 6mm hex bit that go into the front cover from the inside forward edge of the head. There's also a couple of small bolts on the head 'annex' by the big fuel filter. IIRC the FSM refers to these bolts as 'a' and 'b' in the head bolt torquing and loosening sequences.

Yeah, just let the chain drop into the abyss. It can't come off any of the other sprockets and it can't fall anywhere you can't retrieve it with a hook. Don't turn the engine while the head's off!

87 300D

Howdy Sixto,

Yes, I have the pins out safely, am going to remove the guide next chance I get. I'll look for the crush washer (though the FSM does not mention any of this in the head removal section....I may need to look in other sections).

This may be a bad time to mention this, but I did not position the engine to any particular crank position first (like TDC for cyl #1) - I just took photos of the cam sprocket and made some marks on the chain and sprocket for good measure. Figured since the sprocket can only go on the cam in one position, as long as I have the cam in the right point of rotation, all should be well. Right....? It's not too late, I could still put the sprocket back on and turn the engine if needed.

A few of the head bolts had rust on their tips (towards the back of the engine, the very back) - others were covered in oil, then some were dry....wonder what that means.

Next I'm tackling getting the turbo off and out of the way. Does it ever end ?
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