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2013 S.F. BAY AREA W123 BBQ - "Good Old Benz" Sunday Sunday Sunday! (Aug 25, 2013)

(Making a duplicate post in case some members do not belong to


We are having our 2013 w123 Bay Area BBQ. Last time (first time) 27 Benz showed up with a total of about 40 people. (Not just w123 or diesel models exclusively either.)

We had fun, food, drinks, exchanged tools, parts and advice.

This time we have agreed to do it on Sunday August 25th at noon.

Location will be the same as in 2011.
Redwood Park Oakland CA.

7867 Redwood Rd, Oakland, CA 94619 click to google map it!

Bring your own COOLER AND ICE, food and drinks, last time we were kind of short on beers and water. Bringing some extra charcoal will be helpful, I will have like 2-3 bags.

I think is like there is a small parking fee, I don't remember how much but it was like $5(?).

Last time it was also very sunny, there was trees and shade but the sun moves. If somebody brings a shade structure will be great.

Please post here parts or stuff you may want others to bring or that you would like to bring.

Here is a link to the photo album from 2011:

w123 - The last of the big chrome Mercedes!
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