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Question faulty Air Mass Meter. Help!

After disconnecting each of the input sources to the injection control computer I found out that the air mass meter is causing my car to surge. It's resistance is also nonlinear . The multimeter is showing 396(top) to 420(bottom) resistance with abrupt nonlinear changes of +- 100. I don't know if these numbers are correct but looks like I need to clean the air mass meter or spend 250-300 bucks. It would really help if anyone could provide me the instructions on how to repair or clean the air mass meter or how to economicly solve my problem. I want to replace the air mass meter because my car is surging abruptly every time during deceleration at 2500-3000 rpm for 2-3 seconds. To find out the problem source I looked closer at the Injection control schematic and found that any of the inputs from faulty sources to the KE-Jetronic injection control computer could cause surging. The inputs to the controller are :
- temp sensor, (richens the fuel when cold)
- 2 position throttle switch (idle & full throttle),
- idle microswitch, (to shut off gas during deceleration),
- OVP (blown fuse cause limp home)
- air mass meter, (for what ????? - this is my question)
these inputs determine the power output to the idle control valve (ICV) and the air fuel mixture adjuster (Lhi). Because my air mass meter is bad the idle control valve is getting 12 volts during deceleration at 3000 rpm which is causeing the surge. Once again, I need to figure out the way to economically repair or clean the air mass meter. I can't disconnect the idle control valve because during cold weather it is impossible to start the car without it. Please help.
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