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My Dearest Rachel,
Imagine you are my wife.........I know, patronize me on this one!
You leaving work (your a nurse, by the way!)and you attempt to start your '86 420SEL/84K in the parking lot, when all of a sudden WHAM !!!!! You call your darling husband whom gave to you and maintains for you (that's me!) your lovely 420 and tell him, "Honey, (that's me!) there was a loud noise when I started the car! I looked under the hood and didn't see anything wrong?" God Bless the innocent! (That's you! - LOL!)
End result...........cheesey, no-nothin' plastic guide rail breaks, lodges between the timing chain and sprocket and takes out two valves! I point out to my gorgeous wife (that's you!) that the hole in the valve cover that's the size of Chicago came from the trashed valves! You laugh, kiss me on the cheek and then sashay off into the sunset!
I, however, am stuck with close to $2200 worth of work! Ahhhhh, the price of love! ROTFLMAO!
Mind you, the total costs did include new injectors and various other mickey mouse items.....since we had to open her up, might as well fix a few others things while we're in there!
The 420SEL's have a history of throwing timing chains, thus the standard recommendation to replace with a double-roller chain!
I was a pleasure role-playing with you! Was it good for you too?
God Bless the boyfriends and husbands of the girlfriends and wives that drive MB's !!!!
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