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Also, internally at M.B., the short wheelbase model is known as "W140" while the long wheel base model is known as "V140".

Mercedes U.S. car dealers identify the shortwheel base as the S320W and the long wheel base model as the S320V (in the case of the 3.2 liter 6-cyl. engined model).

In all markets, except the U.S., the 140 line was available in both short and long wheel bases for ALL engine configurations, EXCEPT the S280 (2.8 liter 6-cyl. engine) and the S300/S350 diesels which were available ONLY as a short wheel base model. In certain markets the S350 appeared as a long wheel base also.

(In the case of the 124 line, the W140 applies to the 4-door sedan, the S124 to the 5-door wagon, the C124 to the 2-dooor coupe, and the A124 to the 2-door cabriolet).

To identify the cars in real life, you just have to look at the rear door. The V140 rear door is quite much longer than the W140 and it makes the car looks more proportionate and robust. For some reason, the bulk of the 140 makes more difficult to distinguish short and long wheelbase models. In the 116 and the 126 was much easier to tell just by looking casually.
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