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I have a 1980 280SE Euro model I the frist question is while driving there's a light on the dash board that comes on and goes off and it has RS on the dash light but comes on and goes off..
Next while I'm driving her cars rattles at every bump and small rock that I hit, and there seems to be to much play in the steering?
When opening the sun roof it seems to stick and, pushing the button (open and close) it a few times then it opens.
Any help on any one of these would be helpful
Oh and one more thing what is the the voltage on the this auto should be at when I get the car running it reads 12.5 and 13.5 should it be 14 or not and when the lights are turned on it goes to 12.5 and when put in drive it goes to 12 to 11 volts...
thanks again.....any responce can be emailed to me
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