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front pump seal on W126 transmission

Hi there you transmission experts,
back in September, my '87 420 SEL had the ring gear replaced. At that time, the MB service manager had recommended to replace also the seals at the end of the engine and at the front of the transmission, i.e. front pump seal and rear main seal.
It was done. But there remained one leak at the driver side of the transmission which I wanted to address with a regular transmission service (fluid, filter and pan gasket) plus B2 piston (see previous post).
The mechanic who looked at it yesterday tells me it is leaking from the front.
I can see fluid here (which I believe is the torque converter?).
Does this indicate a leaking "front" ? I cannot see any liquid coming down before that. From there it splashes a little on the front end of the pan.
Your advise is very much appreciated because I would like to take it to the MB service department and verify that the tranny does not leak at the front.
Thank you for your help.
Reinhard Kreutzer
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