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Okay.......yesterday morning car sounds like diesel (as it has each time started cold in the last 2 weeks) when mechanic collects it from my house to take to workshop 6 miles away, leaves it parked outside. Car again sounds like diesel 5 hours later when mechanic starts it to move it into workshop for security overnight.

However, when Mechanic starts it this morning in workshop to move it slightly prior to carrying out 'Herr Fuchs Finger Test' as agreed - engine is totally quiet! Sees no point in carrying out test.

Perhaps the problem is somehow climate related? Since the original repair the car has been standing outside and has been to Scotland and back where we've been having day / night temperatures a few degrees below freezing recently. Oil viscosity?? Oil (Shell Helix 10w40) & filter were changed when the top end was rebuilt.

As unable to identify any individual 'faulty' HLC's, mechanic decides to 'warranty claim' the full set. But unfortunately MB dealer has no more on the shelf. Dealer agrees refund and suggests mechanic buy HLC's from local TRW outlet so he's ordered same for delivery tomorrow. Is this OK? Apparently the dealer says that even they sometimes use TRW OE spec components when they can't parts get quickly from MB. I'm not really comfortable with this but I'm being told that the only difference is the name and the price.

Given the time zones, you've got 14+ hours to tell me if this is a mistake, otherwise I'll have to see what happens when this set is installed - using preload procedure kindly e-mailed by Chuck.
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