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There are front & rear mounts. I call the front ones the ones that are nearest to the front bumper of the car. These go in from the top, so you need to push up on the bushing while holding the subframe against the frame floor. I used a threaded rod to keep space between the subframe and the frame floor, and a bolt with washers and nuts on both sides, one side into the mount and another side in the floor jack and jacked away.

When installing the new mounts, be sure to lube them up with silicon spray or the MB dealer sliding fluid - otherwise they will NOT go in all the way. The metal of the new mount should touch the metal of the subframe. From my experience if they are not lubed, they will not be fully seated.

For the rear mounts, which go in from the bottom, I do the opposite, and these are the ones that busted the seals on my 3-1/2 ton floor jack. I spaced the mount away from the subframe with a socket. Then I used a floor jack & a rod to push up the subframe. Mine were in VERY tight and I jacked the car OFF slightly the rear jackstands (dangerous!!) After 5-10 seconds of sitting still, the mounts slowly moved out.

My floor jack had a hole in the center this is why I used the washers and nuts.
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