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Please see my posting to 4-19-99. After the sensor was replaced by the dealer, everything was ok for about a month, when last Sunday the gauge did not register full after a fill-up. Called dealer for an appointment yesterday, and when I explained that this was the second time with the same problem, they fell allover themselves getting the car in "at my convience". "My convenience" was this morning, because as I told them, I didn't spend all of that money expecting to have problems like this. They tested the electrical system again and told me that it appears to be a bad gauge (this time), so they ordered a replacement instrument cluster and will install it when it comes in "at my convenience" - which will be in about two months as I will be out of town for that period.

FYI, we have a strict "lemon-law" in California - basically the dealer gets 3 shots at repairing a problem, and if they don't or can't, they just bought your car back. I'm only mentioing this because of the immediate action they took today, knowing this is "strike two"!

Stay tuned (but it will be about 2 months before I can get back to this group)

Bob Parsons
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