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Someone said here on this forum that there was a kit available, but only come with aluminum body and seals. When it leak it destroy all the internal components. If this is the case it is no good to spend $150 to fix the leak, but will not work. I know these servo are intall on Chrysler Imperial in the 70, but call Chrysler and they no longer carry these servo. Looks like I might have to spend $500 for George Murphy internaly new. He run out of the internal rebuild which is about $100 less. So is it worth it to spend $100 more for the new internal components or rebuild one works fine? I know there are other venders out there selling their own rebuild servo and they are asking about $330. Anybody know which one is better? Someone here report that they had experience leak on a rebuild servo. I want to know if this the one rebuild by George Murphy or other? How long are these rebuild one suppose to last?
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