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Thanks for the reply. I think the lady told me it is a three owner car. A doctor bought it brand new, then another doctor bought it a few years ago- which is the current owner. I am going to ask to see the records to the car, to be sure it has been maintained. So I can expect to pay $700 every 100K for the timing chain? I am asking, because I am not sure of the maintainence these cars require. I had considered a hail damaged 1983 300 SD turbo diesel a few months ago. It had 224K and the seller wanted $1800 for the car. The interior was in mint condition. Car ran good too. I passed on it, as I thought it was not that much with the hail damage- but now I wish I had of bought it. I am trying to now decide it I would be better just finding a 81-85 300 SD. Do they require a new timing chain every 100K as well? Thanks again.
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